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Client Partner

Con l’obiettivo di espandere costantemente la nostra organizzazione a livello globale, abbiamo lanciato una campagna di reclutamento per i nuovi EIM Client Partners.

Siamo alla ricerca di Consulenti che entrino a far parte del nostro Gruppo, leader internazionale e inventore dell’Interim Management.

Qui di seguito le informazioni e i criteri di base del percorso di selezione gestito interamente in lingua inglese.

Please, read and confirm to upload your application. 
Only applications meeting the specified requirements will be taken into account.




In general, the ideal candidate is a senior person, with a minimum of 20 years of work experience who has achieved a strong set of competencies and who has an international background. Historically, the more successful EIM Partners have developed the required experiences, competences and social capital through a combination of:

  • Top level academic background (University plus MBA);
  • Consulting experience at one of the top international management consulting firms (strategy and/or performance improvement);
  • At least one significant managerial experience leading, as a minimum, to P&L and BS responsibility, a sizeable organization;
  • Significant international exposure and culture.

Outstanding individuals who can demonstrate to have acquired the required competences through a different professional path compared the one outlined above, who are highly motivated and entrepreneurial, are also invited to apply.
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