With 19 offices in 14 countries on four continents, EIM provides the expertise, speed and exceptional talent to facilitate smooth business transition.

Commitment to client success

We involve ourselves in our client’s business issues and take responsibility for driving through every stage of their change management processes to a successful conclusion.

Our global pool of executive talent – some 30,000 people strong – represents a wealth of senior management experience which provides strength in depth across all industry sectors, business disciplines and organizational functions.

Drawing on this managerial and change management capability, we provide fast delivery of lasting positive results, whilst maintaining the passion for excellence which is the solid foundation of our work ethic.

EIM – We believe in people

We believe that – in a business that is changing rapidly – people make the difference.

They are the ones who find the opportunities to adapt to the changing environment.

They are the ones who drive innovation.

They are the ones who realize the transition.

We believe in solutions through people


At the worst possible moment you need the best possible manager ; to digest an acquisition, to face a sudden crisis, or to conduct reorganization. All of these circumstances can mean that conventional management may be unavailable or unwilling to do the job.

The issues of these exceptional moments require exceptional abilites. We can imagine that – if you are in such a situation – you need this manager quickly.

That’s the reason why our founders – the leading executive search firm Egon Zehnder and the Dutch Consulting Groupe Boer & Croon – in 1989 were the first that combined these two elements.

Exceptional moments require quick solutions. We Deliver managers with the quality of executive search firms at the speed of consultants.

We are the inventors of interim management


Our partners have worked as an interim manager themselves before. Based on our combined experience of more than 300 years in total we dare to guarantee that we will make the perfect match for you : we deliver the right manager for the right challenge.

With a pool of 30.000 managers we have been able to successfully solve 8.000 missions in the past 25 years. Worldwide.

We deliver value through people.

Our core values

Speed, agility, integrity and results are our core values. They shape our culture and our operating processes.

We respond fast, act immediately to satisfy client needs in urgent business situations, and quickly drive business forward.

We are flexible, adaptable and resourceful – committed to achieve success fast.

We are open, objective, honest and direct in our business dealings. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients while maintaining high ethical standards.

We work as a global team, collaborating effectively with our clients, colleagues and partners to deliver the desired results.