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Nurtured Knowledge Community

Careers built by facing all kinds of challenges
create invaluable experience

The EIM community consists of more than 30,000 executives whose experience translates into actionable knowledge, ideas and strategies proved and tested against the most varied business challenges.

EIM managers are international, they come from all fields and all functions – but a prestigious job title does not grant access to our community. At EIM we believe that an excellent manager has no problem backing up their title with a track record of the results they have achieved during their careers, so that is what we look for in every candidate. EIM Executives join our community because they are personally driven by our values and they can extensively demonstrate their capacity to deliver solid results in their areas of expertise.

We built the EIM community not as pool of contacts, but as an active group of people constantly exchanging ideas and insights, by personal connections, content creation and networking events.

Whatever your business need, whatever the challenge you are facing, we have the right executive to handle it. We have been in the business of Interim Management for 30 years, and during this time we have succeeded in creating a community of high achievers who aim for excellence.

Our managers operate in companies of all sizes, ranging from startups, through small and medium sized companies, and up to multinational corporations.

We already know the person who can make it happen.

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