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Some 40 percent of our 10,000 assignments have been to drive business transformation projects. Our pool of experienced managers have a successful track record of driving through changes arising from restructuring, re-organisation, mergers and acquisitions or accelerated growth.

Despite the many reasons that let the Board of a Company feel that it is time for a change in their business and organization, when it comes, it is always a matter of time, effectiveness and leadership.

In these complex scenarios, hiring an EIM Interim Manager bring consistent benefits to the Client Company compared to a Consultant or a permanent position.



Managing Business Transformation in times of chrisis.

Over 30 years EIM has built up significant experience of managing substantial structural change in business situations such as:

  • Financial stress or distress
  • Declining profitability
  • Insufficient resources to ensure the long-term future of the company
  • Declining business performance compared to competitors’ performance
  • Indecisive leadership faced with unexpected issues or new opportunities

EIM puts experienced interim managers in place to lead change during a Business Transformation process. Our EIM interim managers accept individual or team appointments and assume various responsibilities, including CEO, CFO and CRO, within a fortnight. These individuals are prepared to replace or supplement your existing management team, working seamlessly across national borders if required.

Driving Business Changes committed to Client success

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