In a climate of constant change, EIM improves performance and transforms businesses by setting up and organizing the right expertise and managerial talents quickly and efficiently.

Change is the only constant in today’s world. The current business environment calls for ever greater flexibility and rapid deployment of skilled individuals who can manage business transformation effectively.

To cope with the challenges or benefit from the opportunities that arise at short notice, companies must be prepared to adapt, and adapt quickly. Often, the management in place does not have the flexibility or experience to implement the necessary organizational changes in the right time-frame. The only way forward is to look outwards for fresh inspiration and/or resources.

Why EIM?

Clearly, you cannot just put day-to-day operations on hold while you look for solutions. This is where EIM can provide vital know-how and support – fast. We provide rapid access to expertise or change management skills not immediately available in your company. These can be provided either on a temporary basis, or for permanent placements as appropriate.

EIM managers are seasoned senior-level professionals with proven track records in handling complex business situations that require rapid transformation. They are selected only after extensive interviews, in-depth testing and intensive evaluation. These experienced, results-oriented individuals quickly grasp the challenge at hand and make an immediate impact, often solving urgent issues in weeks rather than in months, and achieving specific goals in months rather than years.

We have established long-term relationships with some 30,000 such professionals across a broad spectrum of businesses. Many have worked with EIM for years, giving us unparalleled access to first-class change management skills. We can therefore quickly identify the right person for any assignment.

Our global reach, combined with the effective integration of our national organisations, enables us to find the right solution to your company’s management requirements wherever in the world you may be located.