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Who is an EIM
Interim Manager?

Become more flexible, independent and versatile

With the market leader EIM you can expect exciting, hands-on, intensive and promising assignments. As an interim manager, you’ll drive forward future innovations and provide your own ideas for the success of your projects.

Together with our highly qualified interim managers, we develop tailor-made solutions for the various challenges of our clients and then implement them consistently. Based on experience from more than 10,000 projects, EIM has developed a proven, global approach, driven by a collaborative effort: a senior EIM partner assists managers and clients to design individual solutions, provides additional support from a different perspective and, if necessary, brings more skills and resources into play.

EIM Interim Managers are seasoned senior-level professionals with proven track records in handling complex business situations that require rapid transformation. They are selected only after extensive interviews, in-depth testing and intensive evaluation. These experienced, results-oriented individuals quickly grasp the challenge at hand and make an immediate impact, often solving urgent issues in weeks rather than in months and achieving specific goals in months rather than years.

What does it take
to work as an interim manager?


  • Strong task orientation: the motivation is in the journey and in the objective, not the size of the budget or the career opportunity.
  • Client service: it’s all about delivering value to the client, not simply complying to a job description.


  • In-depth experience in an industry sector and function
  • Issue competence: top line growth, restructuring, post merger integration, etc.
  • Ability to work and communicate across the organisation
  • People management, linked to transformation and acting in an advisory capacity


  • Able to analyse and simplify
  • Strong ability to present plans and results
  • Influencing skills
  • Hands-on, “roll up your sleeves” approach

Whilst interim management can be incredibly rewarding, with the opportunity to work alongside talented people and earning an attractive day rate, it is also a challenging environment which is not for everyone.

Pros of interim management

  • Variety: freedom to choose who you want to work for, what type of work you undertake and for how long
  • Diversity: enriching experience, diversity of projects, organisations with international exposure, build up a portfolio of business experience in different sectors and in different organisations
  • Flexibility: allows you to travel and have time off in between contracts to follow other commitments

Cons of interim management

  • Almost every project requires travel and commute away from home
  • On the project, there will be no “standard hours” and ongoing challenges
  • Holidays and time off must be planned between projects
  • As a professional service provider no job can be dropped half-way. It’s not just another employment, it’s a profession

Workplace challenges around the world

No matter where you are in the world and no matter the timing, there are challenges ahead. We are always interested in meeting seasoned top executives with change management skills who have integrity, sharp business instincts, sound judgement and solid managerial skills.

EIM works with a wide range of clients, placing our interim managers in executive management, operational management, supply chain management, and sales and marketing management assignments.

EIM Interim Manager profiles

Exceptional academics. Trusted professionals with intrinsic business knowledge and broad industry experience. Commercially astute goal-oriented achievers. Our EIM Interim Managers are clear-sighted pragmatists who exercise sound judgement to get the job done.

Challenges for highly qualified managers

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