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Corporate Governance

EIM Executive Interim Management AG is the Holding Company of the EIM Group. It directly controls every EIM office, it owns the EIM, EIM Excellence in Management, and EIM Executive Interim Management brands, and manages the licensing of its intellectual property to its subsidiaries and provides the same to independent franchisees.

EIM Executive Interim Management AG is incorporated in Switzerland and is governed by a board, whose current members are :

Michele Bruno

Chairman and Managing Partner

Thierry Tomasov

Executive Director

Thomas Schneider

Executive Director

Thomas Zuerrer

Executive Director

We believe in people

We believe that – in a business that is changing rapidly – people make the difference. They are the ones who find the opportunities to adapt to the changing environment. They are the ones who drive innovation.

They are the ones who realise the transition.

We believe in solutions through people

At the worst possible moment you need the best possible manager; to digest an acquisition, to face a sudden crisis, or to conduct reorganisation. All of these circumstances can mean that conventional management may be unable or unwilling to do the job.

The issues of these exceptional moments require exceptional abilities. We understand that – if you are in such a situation – you need this manager quickly.

That’s the reason why our founders – the leading executive search firm Egon Zehnder and the Dutch Consulting Group Boer & Croon – in 1989 were the first that combined these two elements. Critical moments require exceptional solutions. We deliver managers with the quality of executive search firms at the speed of consultants.

We are the inventors of interim management.

Our partners have worked as an interim manager themselves before. Based on our combined experience of more than 300 years in total we dare to guarantee that we will find the perfect match for you: we deliver the right manager for the challenge.

With a pool of 30,000 managers we have been able to successfully deliver over 10,000 projects in the past 30 years. Worldwide.

We deliver value through people.

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