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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes EIM unique and other Frequently Asked Questions

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In the meantime, take a look at these questions other prospects have asked us before.

What is interim management?

Another term for it would be temporary management.

It means that after the managers have successfully completed the precisely predefined tasks, they leave again. No feelings hurt, no lawsuits filed, no notice period. But why would you want someone successful to leave again? Well, someone who was exactly right for a specific challenge might not be the right person for the next challenge, which hasn’t yet come up. Imagine being able to constantly draw from the best of both worldsfresh minds, ideas and the outside-in view on one hand; expertise, experience and know-how from other industries or companies on the other.

What’s the difference to the classic executive search?

In contrast to an executive search that might take a couple of months, interim managers are deployable within 1-3 weeks and will need a shorter settling-in period of only a couple of days, because of their great experience.

They’ve already done it all before.

As soon as the clearly predefined tasks are completed, they leave the company again, without causing any further costs.

What sets EIM apart from its competitors?

EIM is not in the business of trading CVs.

Instead, we solve business challenges by providing individual solutions with the right industry experts.

EIM has accumulated a vast experience in its 30 years of existence and 10,000 projects, and has developed a well proven Methodology of how transformation is led successfully. Furthermore, we don’t only offer interim management as a reaction to emergencies or vacancies. Instead, we offer a modern management tool to proactively optimise your company for growth, efficiency or digital transformation.

This means we’ll help you analyse who’s going to bring your company the greatest value in your current situation. Otherwise, what good is the best matching process or algorithm if your search profile doesn’t fully cover your needs to begin with? Most of our competitors skip this step.

Additionally, we’ll make sure that our interim manager starts with a set of clearly predefined goals, tasks and an explicitly communicated strategy. This is very important, as otherwise time will be wasted, and turf battles might occur. On top of that, throughout the whole project, a leading EIM partner will always be available if needed to guarantee smooth and transparent communication between you and the interim manager.

What’s the role of EIM during a project?

The EIM counsellor is responsible for the coaching of the interim manager and is a trustworthy, capable point of contact both for you and the EIM Interim Manager.

EIM counsellors utilise their broad industry experience resulting from many years of working in management and consulting roles, and the EIM Methodology. This gives you real added value which is complemented by an ever-expanding wealth of experience in the project management of interim mandates.

How does EIM ensure the quality of its interim managers?

EIM is extremely thorough and honest in its selection of an interim manager. All EIM interim managers have exceptionally extensive management experience, think and act within operational and pragmatic parameters and, from their very first day on the job, work in full collaboration with the client. We ensure this by performing a background check on all members in our database, including checking their references – which is never outsourced or delegated, but instead done by leading EIM Partners themselves.

Why should I trust EIM and its managers with my most sensitive and confidential issues?

EIM meets this level of trust with a high degree of professionalism and acts according to clear, ethical principles.

Our success is heavily dependent on our reputation. Hence, it’s in our own interest to always be a trustworthy partner to our clients and build long and lasting business relationships. According to our numbers, we are successful in this.

What’s your process? What’s going to happen when I give you a try?

Firstly, we’ll gain an understanding of the existing situation and your reason for looking for an interim management solution.

Only then can we give expert advice on how to reach the desired target. This will also help to define the profile of the ideal interim manager. The outcome of this analysis is put in writing.

Secondly, we’ll approach and select suitable managers based on their career, training, expert knowledge and performance in face-to-face interviews. This is followed by a presentation of the profiles in written form – individually addressing your current situation and target definition. The managers who are the best match will then be presented in person.

The interim manager will be able to start working a few days after the decision has been made. In the beginning of the deployment, you, the interim manager and EIM work out a basic task specification to clearly establish the extent and type of tasks to be carried out.

End-goals and milestones are established together with the interim manager during the first steering meeting resulting in the presentation of a project plan. Its implementation is safeguarded by a qualified EIM Partner who takes on a steering role throughout the whole life span of the project to guarantee a smooth, transparent communication and quick troubleshooting in the event of divergence.

Alongside the project’s progress, regular review meetings will determine whether additional obstacles may need to be removed to achieve the desired project outcome, or whether general changes in the market may require an adjustment to the project’s course. If necessary, active support can be called up in the form of expert opinions from within the EIM network. A debriefing will follow the end of the mandate. For more information, see our approach.

Every case is unique

Please keep in mind, every case is unique and usually best discussed on the phone.

Don’t worry about being sold something you don’t need.

We wouldn’t be looking back at more than 30 years of success – mainly based on word-of-mouth recommendation – if we were out for the fast deal. Instead, we’ll be the first to tell you should we have nothing to offer you this time, because we know it will make you trust us even more the next time.

    Every case is unique

    Please keep in mind, every case is unique and usually best discussed on the phone [link to contact details or callback request of offices].

    Don’t worry about being sold something you don’t need.

    We wouldn’t be looking back at more than 30 years of success – mainly based on word-of-mouth recommendation – if we were out for the fast deal.

    Instead, we’ll be the first to tell you should we have nothing to offer you this time, because we know it will make you trust us even more the next time.

    And there’s always a next time.

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