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Small and Medium Sized Companies

In China, most of our companies are SME from industries such as automotive, electronics or machinery with headquarters in Germany and in Europe. These enterprises typically operate with flat hierarchies and they are used to make quick decisions. Speed and accuracy is what EIM provides when it comes to Interims Management.


Don’t Get Caught in the Rat Race

As a (often family-owned) small or medium-sized enterprise, you represent the backbone of our economy, and you are used to handling things a bit differently from your larger counterparts – less bureaucratic, more pragmatic.

Your flexibility allows you to innovate, while family ties (or other personal relationships) serve as motivation to work especially hard, as you don’t want to let anyone down.

Being forced to wear many hats at once makes work versatile and even more interesting. We know this from own experience, as our local offices constitute small and medium-sized entities too.





The familiar stranger | 熟悉的陌生人

Interim management represents an excellent tool in such situations, as it is way easier for all parties to welcome the stranger who is going to leave again on a fixed date, stays within a predefined role, who is like-minded due to a similar background, and does not show any interest in any kind of shared ownership.


This ‘special guest’ role allows the interim manager to be more objective, less suspicious to conflicts of interest, franker and more challenging.


At EIM, we are specialized in such cases, and prepare our interim managers accordingly, by first including all relevant stakeholders and seeking a clear mandate for the interim manager.


Typical SME scenarios, for which we offer proven interim management solutions:


Typical SME scenarios, for which we offer proven interim management solutions:


Keep up with an ever-changing economy

Fundamental, disruptive changes range from globalization to digital transformation. It’s easy to be left behind.

Your advantage is your flexibility, whereas your disadvantage is a lack of resources to either reach the scale of production needed to enter a new market or to make the necessary personnel allocation, while your current managers might not be willing to leave their home base (be it geographically or in terms of know-how).

This is not a failure but simply the result of a naturally strong connection between personal and corporate history and traditions.

It all comes full circle, when you consider that SMEs have considerably better chances to survive globalization.






Grow beyond the capacities of your personnel | 突破员工能力,获得发展

SMEs often feature the best work ethos. They sometimes struggle with changing the modus operandi, though, when really the answer should be smarter, more efficient processes, instead of a simple “work harder” approach.


In such cases, we recommend assigning an EIM Interim Manager who can transfer skills from running a bigger business and thus, knows exactly what to do differently to be more efficient.


For more information, learn more about our Performance Improvement solution.


EIM solution for Small-Medium Enterprises | EIM的中小企业解决方案

Together with our interim managers, we’ve already successfully helped many clients in situations of distress over the course of the last 30+ years. Interim management is the perfect tool for turnarounds.


Consultancy won’t be able to help you when your employees already know what’s going wrong, but when the problem lies in the execution. The most expensive advice becomes worthless.


Similarly, there must be a reason why your employees couldn’t solve the problems on their own – obviously, you do need help from outside – ideally an objective business expert.


We can provide you with a top independent manager who has already successfully resolved the same kind of crisis before.


This manager can draw from the vast know-how and experience of the international EIM community of top executives to combine the best of both worlds; consultancy and executive search.


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