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EIM Support in a
Critical Situation

A critical situation is any unexpected situation that occurs in a company and requires immediate action. The circumstances are usually unforeseen. If left untreated it could lead to substantial financial or non-financial losses. The best solution is to use available internal resources. But what if they are not available, or not ready to take the additional responsibility? Receiving support from the parent company abroad became difficult as well, due to the frequent changes of travel restrictions and limited availability of accommodation options, and also the willingness of the managers to travel.

Calling your head-hunter will not solve the critical situation, as they need 3-6 months to identify, interview the right candidate, and then you wait for 3-6 months due to the termination period. Even if the recruitment effort is successful, especially in 2021, it happens that the permanent manager decides not to start, or leaves in the trial period, thus generates a critical situation.

Calling your consulting company does not solve the problem either, you do not need a recommendation from a consultant on what to do, you need an experienced, hands-on manager who delivers real results immediately.

In a critical situation, you need an experienced manager with a proven track record and checked references to be on the ground within hours

Type of Critical Situations EIM already supported companies

Event based

  • Unexpected vacancy
  • Termination in a trial period
  • New manager did not start
  • Fraud discovered
  • Sexual harrassment
  • Covid quarantine
  • Travel restrictions
  • Car accident
  • Management uprising
  • Breach of Anti-competition clause

Environment based

    • Supply Chain based disruption (Chip crisis, Suez canal blockage)
    • Production based disruption (customer air-taxis required)
    • Quality based disruption (high level escalation, make-or-break decisions)
    • Transport and Logistics disruption (sudden increase in sea freight costs)
    • and many more unexpected situations

    The whole process of engaging a proven EIM Interim Manager usually takes less than 4 days

    Why not the best of both worlds?

    A combination of
    Interim Manager and
    Confidential Accelerated Executive Search

    The CEE region is still dominated by permanent placements, although interim management is gaining acceptance and popularity very quickly.

    Many of our recent projects were a combination of an immediately available interim manager for 3-6 months, and an identification of the best permanent manager confidentially within our community, and if necessary via our global EIM network in 25 offices.

    What are the advantages?

    • the vacant position is filled immediately by an interim manager
    • the interim manager is overqualified for the job, thus eliminating any risks
    • the situation in the existing team remains calm, as there is an immediate continuity in leadership
    • business as usual is not impacted
    • EIM partners from our 25 integrated offices worldwide identify the perfect match for your long-term permanent candidate
    • the interim manager and the selected permanent manager start to communicate at an early stage of the process, no need to wait for the termination period and “real” start
    • Hand-over is “built-in”, the interim manager shadows the new permanent manager after the start for a few weeks and then leaves in an agreed and friendly manner


    Integrated offices

    Successful Projects


    Days is the average manager readiness

    Our clients around the world rely on our consistent and proven concepts for determining the starting position, selecting the right manager(s) and providing professional support for the mandate. We deliver cross-border projects for our international clients – both in the country where the headquarters is based, as well as in the country where the manager is required.

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    About Bohuslav

    Bohuslav leads companies and their managers through complex changes resulting from crisis, restructuring or post-merger integration. He focuses on working with private equity firms and international corporations. His strength lies in developing a transformation strategy and leading of multi-cultural teams.

    Bohuslav has international experience, he has been active in interim management for several years, speaks several languages, and has extensive experience from numerous projects.

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