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This year’s EVOLVE! Summit

will be different
Join us on the HR Conference in Czech Republic

Change is the only constant in today’s world. The current business environment calls for ever greater flexibility and rapid deployment of skilled individuals who can manage business transformation effectively.


To cope with the challenges or benefits from the opportunities that arise at short notice, companies must be prepared to adapt and adapt quickly.


Often, the management in place does not have the flexibility or experience to implement the necessary organizational changes in the right timeframe. The only way forward is to look outwards for fresh inspiration and resources.

Why to join us at the EVOLVE! Summit ?


Up-to-date topics in the HR world

Find out how company environment has changed since Covid-19 and how to benefit from it. Learn more about psychology in HR and how to work with your own fear. Discover how employer branding has evolved.

Day full of information

Our program offers something for everyone. Interesting lectures from the best speakers, workshops and networking. And there is still enough time to have fun meanwhile.

New contacts everywhere

You are nothing without a strong network of contacts. Have you heard that before? Yes? Then there must be some truth hidden in it. Don’t rely on coincidence and come to meet colleagues from all over the region. Nothing compares to live networking!

200 HR professionals together

Grab a glass of wine and meet some new HR colleagues. A completely informal and intimate environment waits for you in the Impact Hub. You will meet CEOs, HR managers, recruiters, sourcers and other HR professionals.

There is always time for a party

It is necessary to relax a bit after a long day full of concentrating and information. And where else can you bond with your new contacts than at a party? Don’t plan anything for Wednesday evening and let our band entertain you till 10 pm.

Let’s meet for the 6th time

We know how it should be done. Trust us, since this is our 6th EVOLVE! Summit, we had plenty of time to learn from our mistakes and prepare the best program ever. Come find out yourself and take part in this unique event!

See you on 11th November 2020 in Brno.

We help companies to manage change and transition, support or replace management teams under pressure, and drive business improvement objectives

As complex transformations usually take more than 12-18 months, EIM as a market leader in company transformations also offers the Accelerated Executive Search – a search for the right permanent manager in a confidential mode from our nurtured knowledge community of 30,000 managers.

Due to our global reach, we able to find the right permanent executive within a shortened timeframe and a very short exclusivity periods.

Meet us & Top Speakers

Jaroslav Procházka
Agile transformation coach, innovation mentor / Co-Founder at QuickJOBS and
Diana Rádl Rogerová
Managing Partner at Deloitte Czech Republic
Michal Borovian
Partner PRIA, Business developer
José Kadlec
Founder at GoodCall, Recruitment Academy & Datacruit
Jana Kastnerová
Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Coach, Lecturer, Founder at Balance Centrum
Matěj Matolín
Executive recruiter, trainer, international speaker
Ondřej Procházka
Tech Sourcer
Petra Nulíčková
HR Business Partner at

Torin Ellis
Leading Diversity Strategist at The Torin Ellis Brand
Kristina Shershun
Curious sourcer & recruitment experimentator
Veronika Prášková
Senior Recruiter at NTT
Michal Martoch
Talent Management Expert
Jonáš Waloschek
Tech Recruiter at McKinsey & Company
Lukáš Bakoš
Managing Director at Maxman Consultants
Maxim Strashun
Senior HR Partner at Lenovo
Diogo Videira
Recruitment Advisor for Czech Republic and Hungary and Lead Ambassador at ExxonMobil Global Business Center Czechia

Learn more about interim management and join us

Permanent vs Interim manager


An employee with own, often hidden agenda.
Looking for a long term job security. Strongly involved in politics.

3-6 months executive search
6-12 months termination period

selected to stay long term with the company

70-80% fit for the position
A compromise solution between the salary, availability and qualification

on-boarding, training, socialising, usually performs after 12 months

public & private holidays, company car, trainings, ITC equipment
hiring fee, redundancy payments, social security

labour contract, trade unions, labour law, long termination negotiations


An independent provider of a management solution who delivers value to a client, not just complies with the job description.

Presentation within 48 hours
Availability within days

selected to perform specific mission or set of tasks

over-experienced with a successfl track record from previous misssions

an interim hits the ground running and starts delivering value from the day 1

transparent costs based on mandays actually worked


Flexible B2B commercial contract

Let’s talk about it together

Bohuslav Lipovsky, Managing Partner
EIM Executive Interim Management CEE
Together we can find the solution you are looking for

About Bohuslav

Bohuslav leads companies and their managers through complex changes resulting from crisis, restructuring or post-merger integration. He focuses on working with private equity firms and international corporations. His strength lies in developing a transformation strategy and leading of multi-cultural teams.

Bohuslav has international experience, he has been active in interim management for several years, speaks several languages, and has extensive experience from numerous projects.

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