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Interim COO & Group Development Team

Sector: Financial Services

Location: Buenos Aires — Montevideo

The situation:

A leading broker dealer wanted to grow the company significantly by expanding to new products and in to other markets and required a team of experts to achieve this.

Team deliverables included:

  • Establish an HR unit and build an HR platform encompassing an HR head, formal organization chart, job descriptions and performance appraisals
  • Renew company IT infrastructure, services and functions and migrate to hosted services
  • Refresh Operations function
  • Review Accounting team
  • Hire new Auditor
  • Establish Customer Support Unit
  • Manage the transition into the new “working” way incorporating people- process-systems-structures 
  • Build local asset management company from start up and funding to launch and installation of team to continue the operation
  • Improve internal communication
The solution

We provided a highly experienced senior team with international experience in the banking sector, and a strong background in turnaround processes and launching of new products / units.

They operated as a core member of the executive team, contributing to organizational strategy and design, through to operational, hands-on management and key strategic matters. The team operated with the leading shareholders in the day-to-day management of the company.

Having secured their initial targets and hired new professionals in different parts of the company — including a COO, Head of Asset Management, Commercial Manager and some other mid level positions — the team stepped aside, but continued to support the major shareholders on other strategic matters.

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