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Interim CEO

Sector: Food & Beverage

Location: Asuncion – Paraguay

The situation:

As a result of the slow development of their business in Paraguay, the world’s leading producer and innovator of great-tasting stevia sweeteners for the global beverage and food industry, put in place an audit on existing planting situation and development. The results of that audit demonstrate the evidence of a complete mislead monitoring and development situation by the local management and therefore the need for quick and urgent reaction/decision vis-à-vis that local management.

Key deliverables included:

  • Strong agronomic background, with an entrepreneurial mind-set in order to re set key priorities and ensure next planting season success that will take place during his mission.
  • Worked , if possible, in an environment of small holders’ farmers development
  • Good monitoring and team management to work with field staff working in different remote areas
  • Negotiation skills to keep developing contractual supply agreement with farmers
  • Understanding of key financial P&L numbers.
  • If possible, understanding of horticultural crop/ nursery (of which Stevia)
  • Take needed staff reorganisation decision to fine tune organization with existing potential
  • Audit the whole activity and provide recommendation to top management on team skills and organization as well as potential strategic way to move forward with the development of the production in Paraguay.
The solution

We were able to identify three highly experienced potential candidates in a period of less than 10 days from the first contact with the client, based in Malasia.  The Group COO and CFO interviewed the candidate’s vis skype and met with the selected executive at the airport in Paraguay. As a result of the outstanding job done by the Interim Manager he was offered the CEO position.

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