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For the significant majority of our projects we have presented candidates within 48 hours.

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Working with EIM means competing on the global market

No matter where you are in the world, what you are dealing with or what the goals to be achieved: in any circumstances there will be challenges to face.

We are always interested in getting in touch with high-profile professionals who in a challenging context know how to really make a difference: people used to managing transition and change phases through rapid and concrete actions thanks to their many years of experience, outstanding leadership skills and indispensable technical skills.

EIM works with a wide range of clients to whom it quickly provides interim managers, independent consultants and permanent managers (as managing directors, general and financial directors, HR directors, heads of operations and supply chain, commercial directors and marketing … ).

Together with our highly qualified interim managers, at EIM we develop tailor-made solutions for the business challenges of our clients and then implement them consistently.


Who will have approach to my profile?

Confidentiality is one of the most important principles for us. As we focus on the senior management level, we understand the value of your privacy and the importance of confidentiality

We only share your profile with any third party after we provided you with detailed information about the mission, and obtained your individual approval.

As many senior managers register with us 6 – 12 months before embarking on an interim career, we never even share the information about the registration prosess or the current stage of the registration process.

How does Interim Management differ from classical Head Hunting or Recruiting?

EIM is not in the business of trading CVs for a fee.

For recruiters, the project is finished, once the client accepts their candidate. Recruiters are focused on filling a position in org chart.

For us, after selecting the interim manager, the project just starts, as we are focused on delivering a solution to a business need or a solution to unlock performance potential.

What advantages does EIM offer over cheaper Digital Platforms?

Our clients understand the challenges they are facing, have the resources available, and have trust towards EIM to manage the transition.

EIM provides individual breakthrough solutions, not bot-based, intermediary, high volume interactions at a low transactional fee.

We believe, that the ability to lead a company through transition, the competence to handle critical communication profesionally can not be rated in stars based on user satisfaction reviews.

We Believe In Solutions Through People

What is the legal framework?

Depending on your legal regulatory environment, an interim manager needs to have own company or a valid trade license. He/ She will have a business contract with EIM and will be paid by EIM. Depending on the revenue and local regulations, an interim manager might have the obligation to register as VAT payer.

Interim Management is a B2B solution. An interim manager becomes an employee of neither EIM nor the client.

How is an interim manager paid?

An interim manager is paid an agreed Manday Rate for each day worked by EIM. Interim management is a business solution, not a hour-based consulting.

The Manday Rate is individual to each mission and depends on the interim manager’s qualifications, experience, length of the project and many other factors influencing the mission.

Can I find my own projects or only work with EIM?

You are not bound by any kind of life-time exclusivity towards EIM. You are free to find project on your own.

What’s the role of EIM during a project?

The EIM Partners are responsible for the mentoring of the interim manager and is a trustworthy, capable point of contact both the client and the EIM Interim Manager.

EIM Partners utilise their broad industry experience resulting from many years of working in management and consulting roles, and the EIM Methodology. This gives you real added value which is complemented by an ever-expanding wealth of experience in the project management of interim mandates.

Is an interim manager left alone in the project?

Like already mentioined, an EIM Partner offers his experience and coaching to the interim manager. If needed, additional resources are quickly brought from our Community of 30,000 interim managers. For some missions, you already start as a member of an interim team.

Who are the typical clients of EIM?

We work with a broad range of clients, from big multinational companies to small and medium sized family companies. A significant part of our cooperation is with Private Equity Funds supporting them throughout the whole deal-flow. 

What will happen after I register?

After you send us your profile or your CV, one of our community managers will get in touch with you and lead you personally through our registration process. A personal interview might be performed at a later stage after your registration.

We value your time and your seniority, therefore all interviews are performed exclusively by an EIM partner. We do not have junior recruiters, first round, second round, third round of interviews. 

When will I get my first assignment?

Some of our Community Members became their first assignment a few hours after registering. On the other hand, we are not mass volume recruiters. Usually, we present 2-3 profiles that fit the mission’s scope exactly (from the global community of 30,000 managers).

Therefore, it is very important that you prepare your profile with due care, stating exactly your USPs, and areas where you have already delivered significant value improvements. Your academic titles or fancy companies you worked for in the past will not make an executive interim manager from you.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our offices near you.


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I hereby agree that EIM Executive Interim Management CEE s.r.o. ("EIM") may, for the purpose of candidate selection, mandate preparation and execution, as well as for later project execution, record, save or process all data, documents, images, etc. that I have either made available to EIM or they were made available to EIM from other sources. In addition, I consent to the project-related transmission of the personal data and documents to third parties of which I would be made aware of. A passing on of these data beyond these purposes, e.g. for the purpose of advertising and/or marketing is excluded. I agree to the duplication of text documents and images if these are required for the project. I agree that EIM may save my personal data such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and other submitted documents indefinitely, beyond the period of project execution. The storage, processing or further processing of the aforementioned personal data can take place in an internal company database, a cloud or by a third-party service provider inland and or abroad. I am aware that I can receive information about my personal data stored by EIM at any time and can also request their deletion at any time. A written notification is required for this. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time with future effect. The stored personal data will be deleted if you revoke your consent to the storage, if the data are no longer required to fulfill the purpose of the storage or if its storage is not permitted for other legal reasons. Upon written request, we will be happy to inform you about the data stored about you. Please send us an email message to with the subject line " Withdrawal of consent to storing and processing of personal data". Please also read our privacy policy.

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Bohuslav leads companies and their managers through complex changes resulting from crisis, restructuring or post-merger integration. He focuses on working with private equity firms and international corporations. His strength lies in developing a transformation strategy and leading of multi-cultural teams.

Bohuslav has international experience, he has been active in interim management for several years, speaks several languages, and has extensive experience from numerous projects.

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